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Certificates of Deposit
Months = mo
Years = yr

Accounts are: Government-insured and accept nationwide
deposits by mail, phone, online or at a branch if nearby.

High Interest 1 Yr CD Rates

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Minimum Deposit

New York, NY

Murray, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

Morristown, NJ
My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank

Coral Gables, FL
AloStar Bank of Commerce

Birmingham, AL
Colorado Federal Savings Bank

Greenwood Village, CO
Home Savings Bank

Salt Lake City, UT
California First National Bank

Irvine, CA

Miami, FL
Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Alexandria, VA
Silvergate Bank

La Jolla, CA
Ally Bank

New York City, NY
Select Bank

Forest, VA
Xceed Financial Credit Union

El Segundo, CA
First Internet Bank of Indiana

Indianapolis, IN
Chartway Federal Credit Union

Virgina Beach, VA
Discover Bank

Riverwoods, IL
Lone Star Bank

Houston, TX
GE Capital Bank

Chicago, IL
Presidential Bank, FSB

Bethesda, MD
Goldwater Bank

Scottsdale, AZ

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Los Angeles, CA
Nordstrom Bank

Scottsdale, AZ
EH National Bank

Beverly Hills, CA

Jacksonville, FL
5 Star Bank

Colorado Springs, CO

San Antonio, TX
TAB Bank

Ogden, UT
ableBanking, a division of Northeast Bank

Lewiston, ME
NewDominion Bank

Charlotte, NC

Richardson, TX
Congressional Bank

Bethesda, MD
American Bank

Allentown, PA

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Term APY Notes* Minimum Bank
1-mo 0.55 b,p $25,000 Crestmark Bk
1-mo 0.25 b,p $1,000 Presidential Bk
1-mo 0.25 p $95,000 USAA
1-mo 0.25 p $175,000 USAA
2-mo 0.55 b,p $25,000 Crestmark Bk
2-mo 0.25 b,p $1,000 Presidential Bk
2-mo 0.16 p $10,000 Eloan
4-mo 0.45 p $95,000 USAA
4-mo 0.45 p $175,000 USAA
4-mo 0.20 p $1,000 OneUnited Bk
5-mo 0.50 p $95,000 USAA
5-mo 0.50 p $175,000 USAA
7-mo 0.61 p $95,000 USAA
7-mo 0.61 p $175,000 USAA
7-mo 0.56 p $1,000 USAA
9-mo 0.90 p $3,000 NewDominion
9-mo 0.80 p $1,000 AloStar Bk
9-mo 0.75 p $10,000 Incredible Bk
9-mo 0.75 b,p $25,000 Crestmark Bk
9-mo 0.71 p $95,000 USAA
9-mo 0.70 p $500 GE Capital Bk
9-mo 0.70 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
9-mo 0.70 p $2,500 GiantBank
9-mo 0.65 i,p $25,000 Synchrony Bk
11-mo 0.87 p $0 Ally Bk
13-mo 1.00 p $10,000 Incredible Bk
13-mo 0.90 p $3,000 NewDominion
13-mo 0.80 p $1,000 OneWest Bk
13-mo 0.70 i $1,000 OneWest Bk
15-mo 1.15 b,i,n,p $5,000 NASA FCU
15-mo 0.76 p $95,000 USAA
15-mo 0.76 p $175,000 USAA
15-mo 0.71 p $1,000 USAA
16-mo 1.10 p $500 BBVA Compass
16-mo 1.00 p,r17 $1,000 Dollar Savings Direct 866-395-8693
16-mo 1.00 p,r7 $1,000 Emigrant
1.5-yr 1.35 p $10,000 Eloan
1.5-yr 1.25 i,p $2,000 Synchrony Bk
1.5-yr 1.21 p $1,000 AloStar Bk
1.5-yr 1.16 b,i,p $1,000 1st Internet Bk
1.5-yr 1.10 i,p $0 Ally Bk
1.5-yr 1.10 p $10,000 Salem Five
1.5-yr 1.10 b,i,n,p $100,000 California CU
1.5-yr 1.06 b,i,n,p $500 Self-Help CU
1.5-yr 1.05 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
19-mo 1.30 p $500 BBVA Compass
19-mo 1.20 p $10,000 Incredible Bk
25-mo 1.15 b,i,n,p $100,000 California CU
26-mo 1.50 i,n,p $1,000 Elements Financial
2.5-yr 1.45 n,p $40,000 Northrop Grumman FCU
2.5-yr 1.37 b,i,p $1,500 Everbank
2.5-yr 1.30 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
2.5-yr 1.30 b,i $5,000 HAPO Comm CU
2.5-yr 1.15 i,p $1,000 Capitol Fed
2.5-yr 1.15 b,p $10,000 BankDirect
2.5-yr 1.15 b,p $25,000 Crestmark Bk
2.5-yr 1.10 i $1 Luana Sav Bk
35-mo 1.50 p $500 BBVA Compass
3.5-yr 1.50 i,p $1,000 Capitol Fed
3.5-yr 1.41 i $1 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 1.25 i,p $500 Astoria Bk
3.5-yr 1.25 b,p $25,000 Crestmark Bk
3.5-yr 1.25 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 1.20 b,p $50,000 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 1.15 b,p $25,000 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 1.10 b,p $1,000 Luana Sav Bk
4-yr 2.00 i $2,000 Salem Five
4-yr 2.00 p $10,000 Eloan
4-yr 2.00 p $10,000 Salem Five
4-yr 1.91 i,n,r9 $4,000 Melrose CU
4-yr 1.91 b,n,p,r9 $5,000 Melrose CU
4-yr 1.86 b,i,p $1,500 Everbank
4-yr 1.76 b,i,p $1 Capital One
4-yr 1.76 b,i,p $1,000 1st Internet Bk
4-yr 1.76 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
4-yr 1.75 i,p $10,000 Capitol Fed
49-mo 2.15 b,i,n,p $5,000 NASA FCU
55-mo 2.00 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
6-yr 2.00 i $100 3rd Fed S&L
6-yr 2.00 p $500 1st Source Bk
6-yr 2.00 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
6-yr 2.00 p $500 GE Capital Bk
6-yr 1.71 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
6-yr 1.66 b,p $50,000 Luana Sav Bk
6-yr 1.61 b,p $25,000 Luana Sav Bk
6-yr 1.56 b,p $1,000 Luana Sav Bk
6-yr 1.55 p $10,000 Eloan
6-yr 1.36 i $2,500 Principal Bk
7-yr 2.24 i,n,p $40,000 Northrop Grumman FCU
7-yr 2.20 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
7-yr 2.10 i,n,p $1,000 Elements Financial
7-yr 1.86 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
7-yr 1.81 b,p $50,000 Luana Sav Bk
7-yr 1.76 b,p $25,000 Luana Sav Bk
7-yr 1.75 p $1,000 iGObanking
7-yr 1.75 n,p $100,000 Air Force FCU
7-yr 1.71 b,p $1,000 Luana Sav Bk
7-yr 1.60 i,p $500 Dime
8-yr 2.01 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
8-yr 2.00 p $10,000 Capitol Fed
8-yr 1.96 b,p $50,000 Luana Sav Bk
8-yr 1.91 b,p $25,000 Luana Sav Bk
8-yr 1.86 b,p $1,000 Luana Sav Bk
10-yr 2.30 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
10-yr 2.25 i,n,p $1,000 Elements Financial
10-yr 1.25 c1,i,p $20,000 Astoria Bk

Bank and thrift deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Credit union deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

*Notes: Example, "b,i,p" means that the account can be opened as a Business account, or an IRA, or a regular Personal account.

a18: Maximum age is 18.
a23: Maximum age is 23.
a50: Minimum age is 50.
b: Business account.
c0: Callable; can be redeemed by the bank after 6 months.
c1: Callable; can be redeemed by the bank after 1 year.
c2: Callable; can be redeemed by the bank after 2 years.
e: Rate guaranteed until specific date.
f: Variable rate.
g3: Not available in CA.
i: IRA.
k: Brokered; issued by an FDIC-insured bank and sold by a brokerage.
m0: Maximum $1,000.
m1: Maximum $10,000.
m2: Maximum $501.
m3: Maximum $25,000.
m4: Maximum $2,000.
m5: Maximum $35,000.
m6: Maximum $50,000.
m7: Maximum $5,000.
m8: Maximum $150,000.
n: NCUA-insured. Anybody can join (unless Note "o" is indicated) otherwise workarounds for membership restrictions usually available.
o: Military and their family only.
p: Personal account.
r0: Requires $1 checking account with one monthly direct deposit or bill payment.
r1: Requires one monthly direct deposit or ACH auto debit, and 10 debit card transactions.
r2: Requires $200/month direct deposit.
r3: Requires $100 checking account.
r5: Requires $25 checking account.
r4: Requires one monthly direct deposit or automatic payment and 15 debit card transactions.
r6: Requires 10 monthly debit card transactions.
r7: Requires $1 savings account.
r8: Requires one monthly $1,000+ direct deposit, 2 online bill payments and 7 debit card purchases.
r9: Requires $25 savings account.
r10: Requires $0 checking account, one monthly direct deposit, active loan (eg, Visa).
r11: Requires one monthly direct deposit or ACH auto debit, one online bill payment and 12 debit card transactions.
r12: Requires one monthly direct deposit or bill payment.
r13: Requires $100/month deposit.
r16: Requires one monthly automatic deposit, one online bill payment, and 15 debit card purchases.
r17: Requires $1,000 savings account.
r20: Requires one monthly direct deposit or two ACH auto debit and 10 debit card transactions.
r21: Requires $1 checking account with one monthly net pay direct deposit and 10 checks and/or signature debit card transactions.

Information subject to change; deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please verify with the financial institution before depositing and notify us of discrepancies immediately.

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