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  • The Wall Street Journal's Barron's magazine:
    "Bank-CD ( has been around for many years, and garnered good press along the way. It claims the highest rates available, and for many entries, that was the case."
  • Best of The Web magazine:
    "One click gets you a list of top rates, along with the respective minimum deposit and any relevant footnotes. It is effective..."
  • Bloomberg Personal Finance magazine:
    "Survey the nation every day for the choicest deals."
  • BusinessWeek magazine:
    "Research CDs by rate, maturity."
  • Hispanic magazine:
    "Go to look for the best CD rates throughout the United States."
  • The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy book by J. Vallee, PhD:
    "One site provides a daily scan of CD rates in the US. It can be found at"
  • USA Today's USA Weekend magazine:
    "To find the best CD rates nationwide, consult the Bank-CD Rate Scanner for rate comparisons from thousands of FDIC-insured U.S. banks."
  • Smart Computing's PC Novice Guide to the Web magazine:
    "If you are planning on purchasing a certificate of deposit (CD), visit the Bank-CD Rate Scanner site."
  • Banking and Finance on the Internet book by Mary J. Cronin:
    "The site searches more than 2,200 banks for the nation's top CD rates. Also includes FAQs on CDs and links to various financial institutions and government agencies in the industry."
  • Investing Online for Dummies book by K. Sindell, PhD:
    "To find the banks that offer competitive rates on CDs, check out Bank-CD Rate Scanner."
  • Personal Finance on the Web book by J. Michaels:
    "Limiting your CD shopping to banks in your geographical area is like only buying stock in local companies. Supporting your local bank is an admirable ambition but it won't always get you the best rates."
  • Wall Street City: Your Guide to Investing on the Web book by D. Brown/K. Bentley:
    "Bank-CD Rate Scanner, with its access to over 2,200 US banks, is a good place to start."
  • The Wall Street Journal's Smart Money magazine:
    "Check out the Bank-CD Rate Scanner."

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Is it safe to send your money to an unknown bank? Yes, as long as it's FDIC-insured. You can verify the FDIC-insurance status of any bank in the USA (or phone the FDIC at 877-275-3342).


National Credit Union Administration: Is it safe to send your money to an unknown credit union? Yes, as long as it's NCUA-insured. You can verify the NCUA-insurance status of any credit union in the USA (or phone the NCUA at 800-755-1030).


Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve: Learn what the purposes and functions of the Federal Reserve are and how they affect interest rates.

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