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Certificates of Deposit

Government-insured. Nationwide deposits by mail, phone, online or at a branch if nearby.

More Nationawide CD Rates

Months (mo)
Years (yr)

Term APY Notes* Minimum Bank
1-mo 1.00 p $5,000 Colorado FSB
1-mo 0.45 p $5,000 MutualOne Bk
5-mo 5.15 p $2,500 My Banking Direct
7-mo 4.75 p $500 MutualOne Bk
7-mo 4.75 p $5,000 Wells Fargo Bk
8-mo 5.30 i,n $1,000 Elements Financial
8-mo 5.30 n,p $1,000 Elements Financial
8-mo 3.50 i,p $1,000 Capitol Fed
16-mo 5.40 i,p $0 Synchrony Bk
16-mo 3.50 p,r7 $1,000 Dollar Savings Direct
16-mo 2.75 p,r7 $1,000 EmigrantDirect
17-mo 5.53 b,p $5,000 Luana Sav Bk
17-mo 4.50 i,p $500 1st Source Bk
17-mo 4.50 i,b,p,r10 $250,000 Consumers CU
17-mo 4.40 i,b,p,r10 $100,000 Consumers CU
17-mo 4.30 i,b,p,r10 $250 Consumers CU
19-mo 4.50 i,p $0 Synchrony Bk
19-mo 4.00 i,p $1,000 Capitol Fed
19-mo 3.70 i $100 3rd Fed S&L
19-mo 3.70 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
21-mo 4.75 i,n,p $250 Patelco CU
25-mo 5.00 b,p $5,000 BMO
29-mo 3.80 i $100 3rd Fed S&L
29-mo 3.80 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
35-mo 4.75 b,p $5,000 BMO
39-mo 4.00 i $100 3rd Fed S&L
39-mo 4.00 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
3.5-yr 4.40 i $0 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 4.40 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 4.24 b,p $2,000 Luana Sav Bk
3.5-yr 4.10 i,p $1,500 Everbank
3.5-yr 3.50 i,p $1,000 Capitol Fed
45-mo 4.75 b,p $5,000 BMO
49-mo 4.15 b,i,n,p $10,000 NASA FCU
49-mo 4.00 i $100 3rd Fed S&L
49-mo 4.00 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
59-mo 4.75 b,p $5,000 BMO
59-mo 4.00 i $100 3rd Fed S&L
59-mo 4.00 p $500 3rd Fed S&L
7-yr 4.24 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
7-yr 4.14 b,p $2,000 Luana Sav Bk
7-yr 4.07 i,n,p $40,000 Northrop Grumman FCU
7-yr 3.90 n,p $1,000 Pentagon Fed CU
7-yr 3.80 i,n $1,000 Pentagon Fed CU
7-yr 3.80 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk
7-yr 3.35 n,i $1,000 Andrews FCU
7-yr 3.30 i,n,p $1,000 AFFCU
8-yr 4.09 b,p $100,000 Luana Sav Bk
8-yr 3.99 b,p $2,000 Luana Sav Bk
10-yr 3.80 i,p $2,500 Discover Bk

Bank and thrift deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Credit union deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

*Notes: Example, "b,i,p" means that the account can be opened as a Business account, or an IRA, or a regular Personal account.

1st: First year APY. Lower APY in subsequent years.
a18: Maximum age is 18.
a23: Maximum age is 23.
a50: Minimum age is 50.
b: Business account.
e: Rate guaranteed until specific date.
f: Variable rate.
i: IRA.
k: Brokered; issued by an FDIC-insured bank and sold by a brokerage.
m0: Maximum $20,000.
m1: Maximum $10,000.
m2: Maximum $501.
m3: Maximum $25,000.
m4: Maximum $2,000.
m5: Maximum $35,000.
m6: Maximum $50,000.
m7: Maximum $5,000.
m8: Maximum $1,000.
m9: Maximum $15,000.
m10: Maximum $250,000.
n: NCUA-insured. Anybody can join (unless Note "o" is indicated) otherwise workarounds for membership restrictions usually available.
o: Military and their family only.
p: Personal account.
r0: Requires $1 checking account with one monthly direct deposit or bill payment.
r1: Requires one monthly direct deposit or ACH auto debit, and 10 debit card transactions.
r2: Requires $200/month direct deposit.
r3: Requires $100 checking account.
r4: Requires one monthly direct deposit, ACH credit transaction, ATM deposit or mobile deposit; and 15 debit card purchases.
r6: Requires 10 monthly debit card transactions.
r7: Requires $1 savings account.
r8: Requires direct deposits of $1,500/mo, Account Aggregation, Invest Managed Portfolios Account, Invest Self Directed Trading account, monthly Axos loan payment.
r9: Requires $25 savings account.
r10: Requires $5 savings account.
r11: Requires one monthly electronic deposit from payroll, pension, social security, or annuity; and 7 electronic withdrawals.
r12: Requires 12 monthly debit card transactions.
r13: $500 deposit/month.
r14: Requires 15 transactions/month.
r15: Requires $1,000 in monthly credit card purchase transactions.
r16: Requires 15 debit card purchases or $400 in net spend purchases using your debit card.

Information subject to change; deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please verify with the financial institution before depositing and notify us of discrepancies immediately.


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